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ThinVNC HTML5 Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop  v.

ThinVNC is a pure-web Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop access solution. The remote computer can be accessed from any OS platform through any HTML5 compliant browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). Without the need for any plugin, add-on or

Light Screen Sharing - Remote desktop  v.1.2.2005

Are you managing a lot of Macs or have a lot of friends who need a remote support?


Venux Connect for Windows  v.1.0.31

Venux Connect is a communication tool that provides secure communication for you and your contacts through video call, audio call, and chat. The application simplifies the process of sharing files and screen sharing.

Share My Screen Pro  v.1.01

Optimise time and save travel costs by running meetings and presentations through our leading screen sharing solution. From single user presentations to 300 viewer webinars Share My Screen Pro provides a simple and cost effective solution.

Screen Viewer  v.

Comfortable and easy-to-use screen sharing program. Screen Viewer can help you to show your screen to one or more people by sending a simple web link to the viewer. After running Screen Viewer,

Show My Screen  v.1.2

Show My Screen is a tiny screen sharing software. Show My Screen is a simple and portable screen sharing utility.


Oneeko features a completely different approach to screen sharing. It is highly intuitive and gives you complete control and confidence in the screen sharing process. Oneeko's unique "looking glass" runs just like a typical Windows application. The

IConf.NET SDK  v.1.0.18

With iConf.NET SDK you can Create video conferencing applications easily, or add video/audio/text conferencing and screen sharing capabilities to the application that you are developing, with this easy to use SDK for the .NET framework.

CrowSoft Mingle View  v.

High definition screen sharing remote desktop application. Mingleview is a free peer to peer remote desktop sharing & remote control application. You can use this to host online meetings/presentations & provide remote assistance to your friends,

Apple Remote Desktop  v.3.6.1

Apple Remote Desktop with real-time screen sharing is the ideal desktop management solution for education, businesses, and professionals on the go.

Mikogo Portable  v.4.6.130114

Mikogo Portable was designed for this reason OCo to offer high quality screen sharing software that can be enjoyed by everyone - a feature that is hard to beat.

TrueConf Online  v.6.2.3

Easy-to-use, video conferencing software that works with most personal computers and web cameras.

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